Stress Ball Exercises

Wrist Strength

    Squeeze the ball for a count of three, then relax your grip. Repeat up to twenty times to a point of fatigue. This increases grip strength through the wrist and releases tension.

Finger and Thumb Strength

    Pinch the ball with the thumb and each finger, one at a time. Then pinch the ball between just the fingers, giving the thumb a rest. Hold each pinch for a count of three and repeat up to twenty times or to the point of fatigue.

Stress Release and Palm Massage

    Roll the ball against a table. Repeat the back and forth motion up to twenty times with each hand. This action engages muscles up the entire arm while providing light massage to the fingers, palm and wrist.

Twist and Pull

    Holding the ball with both hands, twist each hand in opposite directions, as if trying to untwist it. Repeat up to twenty times, then reverse the direction of the twist. This engages the whole hand as well as the wrist, once again strengthening while relieving stress.

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