How to String a Longbow


The longbow is both a military weapon and a hunting tool that has been in existence for centuries, and was the forebear of modern hunting bows. Created from a single piece of flexible wood, a longbow is strung with a bow string that is shorter than the bow, holding it in a flexed position when strung. In order to string your longbow you must bend the bow down, which is best completed by properly anchoring the bow with your body to prevent it from slipping and being damaged.

Pass the top loop in the string over the top of the long bow and allow it to fall down toward the middle of the bow.

Hook the bottom loop in the string in the bottom nock of the bow.

Step over the bow with your left leg while holding the top of the bow in your left hand and the top of the string in your right hand.

Hook the bottom of the bow with the outside of your right foot.

Bend the bow around your left leg until the top loop can be placed on the top nock.

Draw back the bow slightly beyond its relaxed state.

Increase the length of your pull gradually until you are able to draw the bow back fully.