How to Know if Your Team Is at Home or Away in Soccer

Soccer player kicking ball towards goal, ground view

Even if your team plays recreational soccer, on a park multipurpose field that isn’t really a home field in the same sense as that of a college or pro team, knowing the designated “home” team can be important. Your league may require the home team to provide the game ball, and to wear a white jersey; the lighter side of a two-color reversible jersey; or pinnies, in case of a color clash with your opponent.

For Recreational and Tournament Teams

Study the league schedule and check whether your team or your rival is listed first after the date of each match. Also look over the schedule for a graphics key that confirms that, indeed, the first one listed is considered the “home” team for particular matches. The home team may also be listed with an (h) after its name. Often you play some or all of the teams twice, and your team will be listed as “home” for one of the matches and “away” for the other. Certain leagues may require the home team to arrange and pay for the referees.

As a Soccer Fan

If you are watching a game on television, you can determine the home team depending on the team name order of the scoreboard, often found at the upper left of the screen. In soccer, around the world, home teams appear on top or at the left. This is in direct contrast to the custom in the United States for football, baseball and other team sports, where home teams are listed below or to the right of away teams.