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How to Throw a Football Like a NFL Quarterback

    Learn how to throw a football like a NFL Quarterback. Follow these easy tips and you will soon be throwing footballs like a pro!

    Footballs have laces (the white line of stitching on one side) and two white stripes towards the ends.

    Grasp the football with your thumb and index finger parallel to the white line (not the stitching) towards the end of the football.

    Place your ring finger and your middle finger on the football's stitching.

    As you hold the ball...your thumb and index finger should form the letter C. There should be space between your fingers and the football. Only your finger tips should be making contact with the football (not the palm of your hand).

    If the football seems too big for your hand then hold the ball more towards the end.

    Step forward to throw with the opposite foot from the hand you are throwing with. So if you throw right handed, step forward with your left foot. Your stepping forward foot and throwing elbow should be aiming towards where you want the ball to go.

    When you go to throw the ball, place the your arm back behind your ear, leading with your elbow. Propel the ball forward as you step forward. Release the ball first with your pinky finger, followed by your ring finger, then your middle finger and then finally your index finger. Put some force in the throw!

    When you are throwing the football will be above your head.

    When you release the football it will spin as you wrist flips down.

    Practice makes perfect. Practice this throwing technique and soon you will have a great football throw! No more wobbly, weak throws!

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