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How to Tie Basketball Shoes

    Make sure the laces in your basketball shoes are laced evenly through each and every eyelet to the very top one.

    Pass the left shoelace over the right (or vice versa, depending on preference).

    Form a loop with the right (or left) lace.

    Circle the other lace around the one you have just made a loop with, either from the front or back, and pull it through.

    Hold a loop in each hand, and tie another knot with the loops for the standard "double knot."

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  • A double knot tied properly helps prevent your laces from coming untied on the court.


  • Make sure your laces aren't too long. Individuals with narrow feet may tie their shoes tighter, resulting in more overhang and a hazard to be stepped on. Purchase shorter laces if this is the case.

Things Needed

  • Basketball shoes
  • Laces

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