How to Tie Down Bikes on Bike Carrier

Bikes are a popular option for many people who enjoy the outdoors. From road cycling to extreme mountain biking and leisure cruising, a wide range of bikes are used by the young and old alike. Transporting a bike is often necessary to access a trailhead, road or starting point. Bike racks are commonly mounted to vehicles to hold bikes in place while traveling. One popular rack design allows for mounting on the back of a wide range of vehicles and provides a secure means of tying down bikes.

Lift a bike and place it on the outward extending load arms of the bike rack. Place the top cross bar of the bike on the load arms.

Position the bike top bar in the molded bike cradle that is closest to the back of the load arms.

Pull the security strap from the back of the molded bike cradle forward and across the top of the bike top bar. The strap will feature a row of holes that are used to secure the strap and bike in place.

Pull the strap firmly downward across the top bar of the bike to the small knob on the front of the bike cradle. Secure the bike by pushing the strap over the knob. Choose a hole in the strap that will result in the bike being held securely in place. Repeat the process for the cradle and strap on the other load arm.

Continue loading the bike rack by placing bikes in the mounting cradles. Secure each bike using the straps attached to the cradles.

Secure the wheels of the bikes using a nylon strap with adjustable buckle. Feed the end of the strap through the spokes of the bikes front wheels and then through the bikes rear wheels. Pull the ends of the strap together. Insert the free end of the strap through the adjustable buckle and pull tight.