How to Tighten a Turkey Neck With Facial Yoga

How to Tighten a Turkey Neck With Facial Yoga. No matter what your age, facial yoga can help you achieve a healthy, youthful look. Simple resistance exercises can tone the various muscles in the face and neck. The loose skin beneath the chin is a common issue among many who seek surgery to alleviate a "turkey neck." Forget surgery and use facial yoga for a tighter, firmer jaw line.

Frown from your extended smile. Close your eyes and pucker your lips. Hold this pose tightly for 10 seconds.

Purse your lips as if kissing with your head back, and gaze at the ceiling. Extend your chin and bring it back to regular kissing position 10 times. Do this 50 times per day.

Pull your lower lip over your upper lip. Simultaneously smile and stretch your chin in an upward motion. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat five times.

Hold your mouth as if you were whistling. Push your pursed lips in front of you as far away from your face as possible, jutting your jaw forward. Holding for 10 seconds, repeat three times.

Recline your head back with an upward gaze. Place three fingers on the middle of your forehead. Using slight resistance, pull your head forward and back to a neutral position. Repeat 15 times.

Stand with your neck and head in a neutral position. Relax your face and keep your teeth parted, but your mouth closed. Move your jaw forward and hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Do this 10 times. Follow three sets of 10 quick versions of this exercise without holding.


The smaller the muscle, the faster it tones. Expect to see progress in just a couple weeks.