How to Get Track Spikes That Are Stuck Out

    Apply the vice-grip pliers to the two flat surfaces already etched into the sides of the track spike so that the pliers are gripped firmly and will not slip.

    Turn the tightly applied pliers slowly to the left until the spike is loose enough to use your fingers to completely remove the spike.

    Repeat steps one and two for every stuck spike.


  • If the spike is stripped or worn to the point where there is no longer flat surfaces, use a flat metal file to etch two flat surfaces for the vice-grip pliers to grip. This may be necessary if you do not have vice-grip pliers and are using slip joint pliers.
  • It may also be possible to set the vice-grips pliers so that they grip the spike so tightly that the pliers slightly flatten the spike.


  • When applying pressure using the pliers upon spike, it is possible to slip, causing minor injury.
  • Remove the sharp, unstuck spikes first.

Things Needed

  • Vice-grip pliers
  • Slip joint pliers (optional)
  • Flat metal file (optional)

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