How to Troubleshoot a NordicTrack SL 728 Exercise Bike

    Step 1

    Inspect your NordicTrack SL 728 for any loose parts or hardware. Loose hardware needs to be tightened because it can affect the performance of your exercise bike.

    Step 2

    Move your NordicTrack SL 728 away from direct sunlight and out of moist areas, such as a basement. These elements can fade and damage the console of your exercise bike.

    Step 3

    Look closely at the front stabilizers of your NordicTrack SL 728. If they are not even, your exercise bike will not be stable. The leveling foot under each stabilizer can be used to even them out.

    Step 4

    Peel the thin sheets of plastic off the hand-grip pulse sensors if you're not getting a reading. Place your palms against the metal contacts to get a proper heart-rate reading. Do not move your hands or grip too tightly while the reading is being taken.

    Step 5

    Replace the console batteries if it gets dim or cannot be seen. The bottom of the console contains the removable cover for the battery compartment. Place four new D batteries into the console and replace the cover.

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