How to Get a UEFA Coaching License in the U.S.

    Step 1

    Navigate to the official UEFA online learning course page.

    Step 2

    Click on the Step 1 Online course for Level One Coaches. This is the course that anyone, even those with just an interest in coaching, can take.

    Step 3

    Register and pay for the course by filling out the needed information.

    Step 4

    Log in each day and complete all parts of the course.

    Step 5

    Register to take your final course test when you have completed all other parts of the course.

    Step 6

    Take the final test. Once passed, you will get a certificate that you can use as proof of course completion.

    Step 7

    Enroll in the Level 2 course. You will again have to register and pay for the course online. You will also have to have passed the Level 1 test.

    Step 8

    Complete the Level 2 course and you will again receive a certificate of proof that you have completed the course.

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