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How to Become a Fully Qualified UEFA Coach

    Enroll in the Football Association's FA Level 1 club coach program (see Resources). Courses are held at various sites in the United Kingdom and are for those who have no coaching experience. The course provides instruction in basic soccer coaching techniques.

    Participate in the FA Level 2 club coach program. The courses are held at certain times of the year in centers throughout the United Kingdom. The course is for those who have soccer coaching experience or have completed the FA Level 1 Club Coach course. The course covers team formations and how to coach one-on-one training sessions.

    Complete Coaching Level 3, which is the UEFA B recognized qualification. Courses are run throughout in the United Kingdom; participants must have completed FA Level 2 club coach program to enroll. The in-depth course covers functional soccer coaching practices, such as small-sided matches, evaluating players and team performances. You will also learn how to analyze soccer matches and assess players' physical and psychological fitness and diet.

    Pass the UEFA A License evaluation. The course is held nationally in the United Kingdom, and the qualification is respected throughout the soccer world. During the course, you will learn about practical and theoretical developments in modern soccer. You will be required to devise, organize and evaluate coaching sessions in advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play. You must complete a UEFA A Preparatory Course before commencing the UEFA A license coaching course. After completing the latter course, you will be a fully qualified UEFA coach.

    Apply to attend the UEFA pro license course. The pro license is mandatory for all coaches in Europe's elite divisions. The course combines coaching skills with non-soccer-specific training, including employment law, finance, media, technology, business management and club structure. Once qualified, you are eligible to coach Real Madrid, AC Milan or Manchester United.

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  • Check the FA website regularly (see Resources) to see where and when coaching courses are run.


  • Book your coaching courses in advance, as limited space may be available for candidates.

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