How to Use the Contour Abs Belt

    Step 1

    Position the Contour CoreBelt -- the abs belt included with the Contour Core Sculpting system -- over your midsection so the black side of the Gel Pad electrode makes contact with your skin. Align the yellow center line with your navel, which should place the outside pads between your lower ribs and hips. Fasten the belt via the clip or hook and loop. Contour recommends a snug but not overly tight fit.

    Step 2

    Press the “On/Off” button on the Contour M2 device -- the unit with the LCD screen that serves as the belt's control -- to turn it on. Select the training program of your choice -- such as “Resistance” or “Endurance” -- by using the top two “+” and “-” keys. Press “Select” to make your choice.

    Step 3

    Choose your workout level -- a measure of intensity set to Level 1 by default -- by using the “+” and “-” keys. Start with workout Level 1 and choose higher levels over time as you become more comfortable with the CoreBelt. According to Contour, your ideal workout level should feel powerful but not uncomfortable. Press “Select” to confirm the workout level.

    Step 4

    Push “Select” one more time when “Upper Body” appears on the LCD screen to begin the muscle stimulation. The CoreBelt automatically starts at intensity level zero. Press the “+” buttons on the left and right side -- which control the pads on the left and right side of your body, respectively -- of the M2 device to gradually increase your intensity level to the maximum.


  • Contour recommends starting out with the Resistance training program set to Level 1, which is the CoreBelt's default option.
  • Once activated with the final push of “Select,” the CoreBelt will automatically go through the entirety of the selected routine. To pause the stimulation, press the “On/Off” button during the exercise phase; press “+” to unpause the ab belt.
  • Read and follow any instructions or warnings provided by Contour, as its ab belt models continue to evolve with new releases. Likewise, the manufacturer-provided manual offers detailed information on recommended training programs.
  • Contact Contour's customer service department at 844-248-6072, or via the email submission form at its official site, if you have further questions or experience issues with your product.


  • Only adults should use the Contour system. Do not use this device if you've recently experienced muscle spasms, core injuries, swelling, inflammation or skin eruptions. If you've recently given birth or suffered acute trauma, fractures or undergone surgery, consult your doctor before starting a Contour program.

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