How to Use a Gold's Gym Mini Stepper


The mini stepper manufactured by Gold's Gym is a portable aerobic exercise machine that allows you to work out by simulating the act of stair climbing. Exercising with a mini stepper gives you a cardiovascular workout while working the muscles in your legs and abdomen. The mini stepper comes with two nonslip footpads and two removable resistance-toning tubes, as well as a base and frame. A small computer displays information on time, calories burned and the number of strides. The mini stepper typically sells in the range of $50 to $100.

Assemble the mini stepper and place it on a hard, flat surface. Connect the computer's sensor wire from the main frame to the wire that is attached to the computer. Mount the computer onto the frame of the mini stepper.

Choose a display mode for the electronic display screen. You can opt to focus on elapsed time, strides per minute, total strides, calories burned or a rotating display of all of the data.

Adjust the positioning of the pedals using the knob on the mini stepper, raising or lowering the pedal height to a point you find comfortable but still high enough to generate a challenging workout.

Climb onto the footpads of the mini stepper one step at a time. Make sure your body is balanced on the machine.

Press down on each foot pedal, alternating your right and left feet, to begin your workout. Step faster to increase your heart rate and have a more intense workout. Step more slowly to decrease your heart rate.

Grasp the two resistance-toning tubes, which are similar to bungee cords, with your hands and pull on them as you step. This will ensure you work your upper body muscles as well as your legs and gluteal muscles.


Dress comfortably when using the mini stepper. Wear appropriate workout clothes, including athletic shoes.


Consult your doctor before commencing a workout routine.

Do not set up the mini stepper on a soft surface such as a carpet.

Keep children and pets away from the mini stepper.