ProForm 485E Elliptical Description

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The 485E is a low-end, rear-drive elliptical machine produced around 2000 for sale in Sears & Roebuck stores. Although branded by ProForm, the 485E was produced by Icon Health & Fitness, a large company that manufactures several popular exercise brands. The 485E provides a low-impact workout you can do in the comfort of your home. However, it lacks any advanced features and offers very few basic features that are commonly found on other elliptical models.

How the 485E Is Designed

The 485E has a no-frills design with squared-off corners. The upright supports moving handlebars, a stationary "T" handle and a small, basic console that features a book holder, a water bottle holder and a small LED screen. The 485E has a user weight limit of 250 pounds and is meant to be used in your home. It is not designed to handle the increased loads of a commercial or institutional setting. You must power the console with two “AA” batteries as the 485E does not plug into a wall outlet.

What the 485E Offers

The 485E pedal arms move in either direction, which offers some exercise variety. However, you have to manually adjust the pedal resistance by turning a knob on the console. You have a choice of using just the pedals or also adding an upper-body component by moving the handlebars in conjunction with the pedals. The console has a LED-lighted track, which represents one quarter of a mile and provides a visualization of your distance. The display shows your speed in miles per hour, elapsed time, distance in miles, number of laps completed on the LED track and approximate calories you have burned.

What the 485E Doesn't Have

The 485E does not offer electronic resistance adjustment that many other elliptical models feature. Instead, you simply press a button to change the resistance. The handlebars do not have pulse sensors for you to track your heart rate and the console doesn't offer any built-in workout programs, where the machine changes the pedal resistance for you and the console directs you to pedal faster or slower to adjust the workout intensity.

How to Use the 485E

Even with such a plain machine, you can still create a basic, low-impact cardio workout for times when the weather is bad or you can't make it to the gym. To get on the machine, step on the lowest pedal first. Hold onto the "T" handle as you place your other foot on the other pedal. Start pedaling to begin your workout. Use the moving handlebars, the multi-direction capability of the pedal arms and the adjustable resistance to create variety in your workouts. When you are finished with your workout, wait until the pedals stop moving before you dismount the machine.