How to Use a Ladder Gun Sight

    Step 1

    Calculate your estimated distance to the target area. Sit in a comfortable shooting position.

    Step 2

    Flip the ladder sight into an upright vertical position. Some ladder sights have a locking mechanism to hold the sight in place; if so, push the lock into position. This helps keep the sight upright and on target after recoil.

    Step 3

    Slide the horizontal bar into the correct position based on your estimated distance calculations. If attempting to shoot at 500 yards, slide the bar up to the 500-yard mark. The top of the bar will meet the line corresponding to 500 yards.

    Step 4

    Aim just above the horizontal bar, through the aperture formed by the ladder sight, keeping your eye on the target downrange. Fire one or two shots and check the points of impact for accuracy.

    Step 5

    Adjust the ladder sight for windage. If your initial shots landed to the left or right of the bull's-eye, adjust accordingly. Slide the upright ladder to the left if you need to fire more to the left to be on target, or to the right if needing to move right. Basically, if your shot landed to the left of the target, adjust your ladder sight to the right. Do so in small increments until your shot lands on target.

Things Needed

  • Rifle with ladder sight

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