How to Use a Reebok Pump

Launched in 1989, Reebok's Pump fitting system seemed like a gimmick to sell more athletic shoes at first. But it's endured for decades and even crossed over as a high-end feature in Reebok's hockey skates. You press the bulb on the Pump to inflate bladders inside the shoe, filling up any empty space within the shoe for a custom fit.

Athletic Shoes

For athletic shoes, both the Pump and its release valve are usually located on the tongue. Press the brightly colored bulb in the center of the tongue to inflate the Pump shoes. Once you're done with those shoes for the day, hold down the release valve -- which may be hidden in a boldly texturized corner of the tongue -- to let the air back out.

Reebok Pump Skates

The Pump bulb on Reebok hockey skates is usually located on the side of each skate, with a slightly smaller release valve on the opposite side of the skate. The Pump and release valve work the same way as for the athletic shoes.

Let Your Shoes Breathe

Deflate the Pump part of the shoes every time you take them off. This will make getting in and out of the shoes easier, and also help the Pump bladders last longer.