How to Use a Sauna Belt

Sauna belts are touted as devices that help you lose weight and inches off your measurements. While there is no scientific data to prove the accuracy of these claims, many people have offered anecdotal evidence and claims toward the effectiveness of the devices. It is important to understand exactly how to properly use a sauna device because improper use can result in health problems.

How to Use a Sauna Belt

Place the sauna belt securely around an appropriate area of the body; this can be the stomach, waist, or hips. The belt is attached with Velcro and can be adjusted for snugness and comfort. Strap the belt securely so that there are no creases or folds, but do not strip it too tightly.

Set the temperature of the sauna to the maximum or as close to the maximum as you can stand for the first five minutes. Then reduce it to a temperature setting more comfortable. Sauna belts heat up rapidly, so be prepared for the maximum setting to be somewhat uncomfortable and reduce the setting after five minutes.

Check your body to see that you are producing sweat, If you are not, you have reduced the temperature too much. Stand up and, if possible, move around rather than sitting to burn more calories. Wear the sauna belt for 45 minutes. Towel yourself dry--if you did it right you should be soaking in sweat--and wait a minimum of 15 minutes before bathing, showering, or even having a cold drink.

Wear a T-shirt if you have sensitive skin because the sauna belt may cause skin irritation or in some cases even burns. Do not overuse the sauna belt and make sure to wait an adequate period between uses so that your skin returns to normal color and temperature. Make sure the temperature regulator is turned off after each use.


A sauna belt will be of no use unless accompanied by healthy diet and exercise.


Do not wear the sauna belt for more than 45 to 50 minutes at a time.