How to Wager on the Twin-Trifecta at Dog Tracks

A Twin-Trifecta wager is an exotic bet offered at almost every greyhound track that is designed to build up a large pool of money to entice prospective bettors. It is what the name implies, a pair of trifectas or triples, in separate races, coupled together in one wager. Twin-Trifecta pools have gotten into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past, making it one of the most lucrative wagers available at a dog track.

Know that the Twin-Tri is divided into halves. The first half of the wager sees the player attempting to choose a straight trifecta, the exact order of the first three dogs over the finish line. If they are successful then they can “exchange” that ticket for a chance at the second half. The individual is paid for the first half like a regular trifecta and then must try to choose the exact order of finish of the dogs in the second half. They must do this when they cash in the first half ticket and before the windows close for betting on the second half of the Twin-Trifecta. If they are right on the second half, in the exact order, then they win whatever money is in what is known as the Twin-Trifecta carryover pool.

Be aware that the carryover pool has a set of complex rules to cover every situation, but the basic concept is simple. Half of the money that is bet on the Twin-Trifecta’s first half race is paid back to those that correctly have the right dogs while the other half goes into the Twin-Trifecta carryover pool. This is the money that players are looking to win, because as time passes and nobody has hit the Twin-Tri, this pool can grow into thousands of dollars. It takes some time for the Twin-Tri carryover pool to grow at first, but once it gets into the $5,000 range and beyond it starts to grow more and more with each performance until it is finally hit.

Know that many greyhound tracks have a force-out rule on their Twin-Trifecta. This rule makes it mandatory for the track to have to pay out the Twin-Tri after a certain amount of time or once it reaches a designated amount. The force out of a Twin-Tri is when novices should get involved, because if you have a correct first half ticket and nobody hits the second half, the pot is divided amongst all those with a valid first half ticket. The force out rule is designed to give the Twin-Tri wager an air of excitement and lure gamblers into the track.

Consider that the grade of races involved in the Twin-Trifecta is usually Grade C and D. Tracks do not want to make it easy on the bettors to hit the first half so they keep the more talented and predictable greyhounds out of these races. After all, the track will benefit from a high carryover pool in the Twin-Tri since it brings people through the doors.

Be aware that there is usually no regular trifecta wagering in the first half of the Twin-Trifecta but it is available in the second half of the bet. The bet is usually in the middle or towards the end of the performance and it does not include back-to-back races. If the first half is in the seventh race for example, the second half will be in the ninth, giving people a chance to handicap the second half most closely if they have a live ticket.

To bet correctly on the Twin-Trifecta, always tell the mutual clerk, “Twin-Trifecta” when placing the bet. You won’t have to do so if you hit the first half and are playing the second. When you cash that first half ticket the teller will automatically see that it is a live play for the second half and they will ask you what numbers you have chosen, besides paying you for the first half.


If you hit a Twin-Trifecta it is normally going to be a tax-ticket, meaning you will have to fill out state and federal forms for tax purposes. Have your ID with you.