How to Watch FREE NHL Games Live Online NOW

Watch FREE NHL Games Live Online

What happens if you are in an area where you can't see the National Hockey League game you have waited for all season, or traveling, or the cable goes out? If you have a broadband internet connection, then you can watch free NHL games live online, and never miss another game.

You should first choose a site that has the NHL game you want to watch. There are some very reputable sites, some reputable and very stable sites and some sites that are neither. What follows are three that are from experience are stable, and malicious software free. is a free internet television site that streams literally thousands of stations from around the world including stations that broadcast free NHL live games online. provides free streaming TV and sports as well. is a peer to peer streaming site where users stream sports events. Only will not require a plug in or software to view the NHL games.

Most sites that offer free NHL games live online stream a broadcast to your computer. That means you will be downloading a plug in that will pick it up in your browser or a stand alone application that will let you view this stream. Before you install anything on your computer you should always scan it for malicious software. Save the plug in or application to a place on your hard drive you can find easily and right click it once and select scan with your antivirus application in the Windows OS.

It's time to install that software or plug in you just downloaded. Usually it is best to close your browser and double click the file. If you downloaded a plug in it should install automatically and then close your browser.

You will need a reasonable amount of bandwidth to get the most from the free NHL live stream so be sure and stop any downloads you may have going. Persons with dial up will probably have very poor results with viewing NHL games online live.

The last step is the easiest. Double click the icon on the site you have chosen that represents free NHL games live online and get ready to cheer. It's as easy as that and you will always be able to catch the game as long as you have your PC and an internet connection.


If you have broadband internet and your free NHL games seem to be slow or stuttering restarting your modem and router can sometimes improve speed.


If you have trouble getting the signals or finding games on the free streaming sites, it is usually worth it to find a paid site that helps you to easily find games that you are looking for with good quality signals.