What to Wear to a Boxing Match

Female Competitors

    Female boxers wear a sports bra, boxing trunks and specialty boxing shoes. They also have hand wraps, gloves and a mouth guard. Amateur boxers are required to wear head protection as well. Sleeveless shirts are also available as individual pieces or a shorts-shirt combination. Before entering the ring, most boxers wear a hooded robe.

Male Competitors

    Male competitors wear boxing trunks, boxing shoes, hand wraps, gloves and a mouth guard. Amateurs are required to wear head protection and some youth boxers wear a sleeveless shirt. A hooded robe is also common before entering the ring.

Female Spectators

    Youth and amateur league fights are typically informal and female spectators wear casual attire. Jeans and a shirt are common but a dress is not frowned upon for amateur title fights. College level fights have mixed attire but the front row seats trend towards semi-formal dresses with a few formal dress and heel combinations in the mix. Professional title fights are typically an event with formal dress, especially in the first few rows.

Male Specator

    Youth and amateur fights are casual or semi-formal for male spectators. Jeans and a collared shirt will cover most events. College level fights also have a semi-formal standard but some men will wear suits for these events. In many cases it depends on the venue. Casino fights come with more formal wear as is appropriate for the pre-party and after-party. Slacks and a collared short or a suit are common at professional fights.

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