How to Wrap a Cast for a Soccer Game


A soccer player with a broken bone may be able to return to the field before that bone is completely healed. At that point, the limb or appendage may still be in a cast. For the safety of other players, some soccer leagues require that the cast be wrapped so that the injured player does not accidentally strike another player with the hard cast. Check with your league to determine if it has any minimum requirements. For instance, Johnson County Park and Recreation District in Johnson County, Kansas, requires at least two inches of padding on a cast in their youth league.

Cut the bubble wrap so that it is the proper length. Hold the bubble wrap against the cast to measure. Then, using your scissors, cut the length and width of the bubble wrap accordingly.

Wrap the cast with the bubble wrap, enveloping it completely. Depending on the thickness of the wrap, you may need to go around the cast several times.

Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape or medical tape. Run the tape along the outer seam of the bubble wrap so that it is secure on the cast.

Cover the bubble wrap by wrapping the elastic bandage over the entire surface. Be sure to overlap the bandage as you wrap in a tight manner. Many elastic bandages now have a self adhesive surface. As you wrap, the elastic bandage will secure itself on top of the bubble wrap.

Secure the elastic bandage by using a piece of packing tape or medical tape along the final piece of bandage. The self-adhering elastic bandage may lose stickiness from sweat, dirt and other elements during the game. Adding tape will prevent this from happening.


Be sure that you receive clearance from your doctor before returning to the field of play. If the bone is not properly healed, you might increase the risk of breaking it again.

The referee may ask to inspect the cast before the game to ensure that it has the proper padding.

If you are using an older-style elastic bandage that still has clips, be sure that a piece of medical or packing tape completely covers the clips so that no metal is exposed. In addition, make sure that the league allows elastic bandages that are secured with clips.


Check with the league rules to determine if a player with a cast may play in a game. Some leagues do not allow participants with casts to play even when they have been wrapped.