How to Write a Sports Proposal

    Turn on your computer and open your word processing program. Begin to write your proposal, explaining exactly what sport or event you are trying to raise money for and why. Explain the sport simply and accurately in the first few pages of the proposal and why it is important to businesses and the community as a whole.

    Research the number of fans the sport has by using the Internet or by visiting a library. Compile statistics and figures regarding how much money the sport makes every year or how it helps kids and young adults in their everyday lives. The more research and statistics of other similar sporting events or leagues you have, the better the support for your sports proposal. Clearly and accurately present these statistics and figures in the middle pages of your proposal.

    Put together a budget showing exactly how much money you will need to start the league or hold the sporting event and how much money you propose the league or sporting event will make. Present these figures in a spreadsheet so that prospective investors can see the figures clearly and not be confused about the cost of the sports project or the projected returns.

    Include colorful pictures on each page or on every other page of the proposal to break up the text, which makes the proposal more satisfying to look at, read and understand. These should be pictures of people playing the sport.


  • Consider drawing diagrams that explain exactly how to play the sport.
  • Include maps with the exact locations of where a sporting event will be or where you plan to build a field for a live sports location.


  • Be sure that you are representing the statistics and figures accurately in your proposal, as misrepresenting yourself can anger investors and cause them to withhold money or sue you if what you promised doesn't happen.

Things Needed

  • Computer
  • Internet

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