Pants to Wear With a Casual Button-Down

Whether it's crisp, white and classic, easygoing plaid or a playful pop of color, a casual button-down paired with the right pants can easily take you from the office to the ballgame or even the beach with a few simple styling tricks.

Women: Classic

Pair an untucked button-down with blue jeans for an All-American, laid-back vibe. Don denim in a style and wash that flatters your figure, whether skinny, boot-cut, cropped or bell-bottom. Try white jeans for a modern twist.

Your button-down can easily go to the office with a pair of tailored trousers or even dark-hued dressy jeans if your office dress code allows. Top with a preppy, cable-knit sweater or blazer, or simply tuck in and top with a skinny leather belt and matching oxfords.

Transition to evening by wearing a white button-down with a white pantsuit and white pumps for monochromatic chic. If you crave contrast, wear your white button-down underneath a black tuxedo jacket and matching tuxedo pants to your next special event and stand out in the sea of LBDs.

Women: Modern

Black leather leggings instantly add a modern, urban twist to any top. Keep it unfussy and untucked and make the look all your own by adding a cool pair of platform booties, high-top sneakers or your favorite ballet flats.

Make of-the-moment metallic or printed trousers date night wearable with a solid black button-down and black heels. Toss on a leather jacket for evening or add a bright neon, oversize sweater for a unique, attention-grabbing style night or day.

Women: Bohemian

Take your button-down downtown by tying the tails in front, rolling up the sleeves and pairing with fashion-forward high-waisted jeans and chunky platforms for a boho feel and the bonus of longer-looking legs. Even the most staid button-down will look unconventional paired with distressed or shredded denim pants.

Women: Sporty

Don cargo pants and throw on a sweater, sweatshirt or baseball jacket over a chambray shirt for a sporty weekend look. For a day at the beach, wear your button-down over a tank top and flowing white linen pants. You'll have protection from the sun and a cover-up when you're in the shade or facing cool ocean breezes.

Just for Men

Roll up the sleeves and wear a button-down with your favorite jeans for easy off-duty style. Add a light-colored t-shirt underneath for contrast. Paired with khakis and a casual sweater, a button-down will add a preppy twist to your weekend uniform.

If you're torn as to whether or not to tuck, according to GQ magazine, a good rule to follow is if your button-down shirt has a squared-off bottom, it’s fine to wear it untucked. If the cut is curvier – shorter on the sides and longer in front and back -- then tuck it in.

A casual button-down shouldn't be worn to a formal occasion, with evening wear or with a suit, but it could be tucked into trousers or even dark denim and paired with a blazer to the office if your dress code allows.

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