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The Best Jeans With Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are classic wardrobe staples. Whether you're male or female, a leather jacket puts a cool spin on the most tame of outfits. Certain styles of jeans look best when paired with this ultra-hip article of clothing. Skinny jeans and colored denim in all shades of the rainbow are just a few hot pairings for a versatile leather jacket.


A combination of a sleek leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans is classic and timeless. A perfect outfit for nights out, women can throw on a pair of sky-high heels for a glamorous, cool-girl look. Ballet flats or loafers change the look to laid-back, but still right on trend. Skinny jeans are becoming increasingly popular for men, and pairing them with sneakers or ankle boots is just as fashionable for them as it is for the ladies.


Colored denim is a hip pairing for the classic leather jacket. Shades like cobalt and hot pink will add fabulous pops of color to your ensemble. Men can rock colors like maroon or navy blue to ease into the trend as bright colors can sometimes be overpowering. Camel and gray jeans are fashionable options as well if you're looking to keep your jeans understated. While graphic t-shirts are great casual additions to this pairing, women can rock a sultry bustier top for a more dressed up look. Gentlemen can achieve the same level of dressiness by pairing colored jeans with a button-up shirt in a neutral color.


A pair of well-fitted straight-leg jeans is a wonderful choice for both men and women seeking a casual, yet sophisticated outfit. Details like subtle rips and fading will up the ante on this trendy and chic look. Brown leather jackets will pair wonderfully with mid- to light-colored denim while black jackets perfectly complement dark-wash jeans.


An outfit comprised of a ]black jeggings and a long tunic paired with a leather jacket is an ideal selection for fall. Throw on a knit hat and a pair of boots for a look that's chic and stylish. Although jeggings are both comfortable and fashionable, women should stick to long t-shirts to ensure appropriate coverage. Jeggings in cool patterns like tribal-prints and florals will add a unique dose of whimsy to your awesome outfit, and be an on-trend counterpoint to a hard leather jacket.

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Sara Cantu has been writing fashion and lifestyle articles since 2009. As a fashion stylist, writer and blogger, she has been published in “Lady Couture” magazine and “RGV” magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from The University of Texas - Pan American.

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