How to Make a Soccer Goal Out of PVC

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Building a soccer goal at home is a fun, easy project that you can enjoy with your family. Simply cut pieces of PVC pipe to the proper lengths, use PVC glue to hold them together, and attach deer netting to the back of the goal. You will enjoy this piece of sports equipment for years to come!

Buy some high-quality PVC pipe from your local hardware store. Most PVC pipe comes in lengths of 10 feet—this is an easy and manageable length to deal with. You will need to buy four lengths of 10-foot PVC pipe for this project.

Cut the pieces of PVC to frame the goal. Use a measuring tape to mark a 5-foot section of PVC pipe. Lay the piece on a work table, with the mark hanging slightly off the edge. Use a fine-toothed hacksaw to carefully cut the pipe, and then sand the rough cut edges of both pieces with 80-grit sandpaper. Continue cutting and sanding until you have two 5-foot sections of PVC, two 4-foot sections, four 3-foot sections and four 1-foot sections.

Begin assembling the goal. Attach one of the 1-foot sections to a 3-foot section using a PVC elbow—this makes a corner. Make another corner, lay them down so they face each other, and secure the short ends with a tee. Use a 3-foot section to connect the corners. This makes the bottom of the goal. For the top part of the goal, repeat the above procedure, except attach the 1-foot sections to 4-foot sections at the elbows, again making two corners.

Slowly and carefully connect the elbows to the base on the short side, and turn the elbows so they are facing up. Turn the goal so it is facing up, and put the bottom of the 4-foot sections securely into the elbows. Use the 5-foot pieces as a brace between the top and bottom corners.

Carefully disconnect one of the joints, and apply a layer of PVC cement on the outside of the pipe and inside of the connector. Fit the two pieces back together, ensuring a secure fit. Glue the rest of the joints together.

Make the net. Use deer netting the cover the back and sides of the goal, leaving a little extra for overhang. Cut the net to size. Wrap the net around the goal posts, leaving it a little loose. Attach the netting to the goal post every few inches using zip ties. When the net is securely in place, use heavy duty scissors to cut off the long ends of the zip ties. Cut off the extra netting around the goal posts, and put small sandbags in the corners of the goal to hold it down.