Free Daily Exercise Plans

A large variety of daily workout routines can be found online. You may think it is too expensive and complex to create an individualized workout plan. However, many online daily workout plans cost nothing and can be tailored to specific needs or used for problem areas. In addition, joining a "community" where participants can find answers to questions and moral support may help bring success.

Strength Training and More

The Strength Mill website offers YouTube style videos that are geared for strength training. Military-style workouts, core strength training, tips for lifting weights, and stomach and back exercises are available on this site.

Workout Assistance With Diet Help

The Straight Health website is pretty straightforward. The website prompt asks a few questions, including your age, current weight and goal weight. Then it provides a free exercise routine and diet plan based on your individual needs. Once completed, it is then broken down into a simple, daily schedule with workouts and meal advice.

A Video Per Day

A new, free workout video every day is offered by Web Workout 101's site. The video workout is usually about 20 minutes in length and is demonstrated by a trainer. The workout appears simple to follow and therefore good for beginners, and up. There is also a whole Pilates section with varying difficulty. Other tools on the site include a body mass index (BMI) calculator and a weight maintenance calculator.

A Photo Per Day

The Fit Daily website shows one exercise per day, tells the recommended duration and contains a photo demonstration. The website is clear and user friendly. Fit Daily is also handy with tools such as calorie, BMI and body fat calculators.

Work With Weights

The Muscle and Strength website is geared toward those who want to work out with weights and other equipment. The workouts seem intensive, and many are designed for men, although beginner workouts are available on the website as well. Some examples of the routines include Sean Sullivan's Power Base Workout, and Frankoman's Intermediate Ab Workout.

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