ASA Softball Base Path Distance Rules


In Amateur Softball Association games, the base path distance varies depending on your age, sex and also the type of game -- fastpitch or slowpitch. The field, shaped like a diamond, requires the distance between bases to be equal. The measurement between first and third base is taken from the back, foul-line corner of the base to the rear tip of home plate. Second base is measured from the center of the base to the foul line.

ASA Adult

Man and women who play ASA fastpitch softball run a base-path distance of 60 feet between each base. For ASA slowpitch softball games, adults run a distance of 65 feet between each base.

ASA Girls Fastpitch

Girl who play ASA 10U division -- 10 years old or younger -- run a base path distance of 55 feet between each base. For ASA girls divisions 12U, 14U and 16U to 18U, the distance between bases is 60 feet.