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Ways to Reduce Road Noise at Home

Living on a busy street comes with its share of noise. Noise reduction methods for the home help create a more tranquil environment both indoors and out. The amount of money you want to invest in the project influences which option will work best. Many of the ideas for reducing road noise work well together for greater effectiveness.


Shrubs provide a dense barrier to block road noise while adding visually to the landscaping of the home. It offers a more natural sound barrier because it is created from living plants. Plant the shrubs closely enough to create a solid hedge around the perimeter of your property. A hedge creates a continuous barrier so it reduces noise better than a few shrubs with space between them. Choose shrubs that fit with the rest of your landscaping. This sound barrier option uses a more natural look but also requires more maintenance than other options. Most hedges need trimmed on a regular basis and may need water depending on your climate and rainfall.


Fencing offers another sound barrier option for the home. The taller the fence, the more road noise it will block. Check with the local building department to determine the maximum height allowed for fences. Not all fencing materials are created equally when it comes to soundproofing. A chain link fence provides no soundproofing from road noises because it is not a solid fencing material. A double-panel fence with a layer of soundproofing material in between offers the best option for reducing road noise.


Insulating your home offers a reduction in road noise you hear indoors. This method of reducing road noise is particularly effective if your home has very little insulation in it. If the home is already well insulated, other soundproofing options will be more effective. Adding insulation to the home also benefits your utility bills. The greater insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter reducing the amount of time your furnace or central air needs to run.

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors offer another option for reducing road noise. Single-pane windows or windows that are older often don't offer much noise reduction. Replace them with double-paned windows which help soundproof the home from exterior noises. Replacing the exterior doors of the home with a soundproofed door helps keep road noises out. Like the insulation, new doors and windows also help reduce your utility usage giving you an added benefit.

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