How to Paint a Hockey Helmet

Whether on the ice rink or on the roller rink, plenty of hockey players like to add a little bit of flair to their game day wardrobes by adding some paint to their helmets. It’s a practice long held by goalies, but the forwards and defensemen can certainly paint little bit of personalization to their helmets, whether it’s a design or just their team colors.

Unscrew the cage or visor (if you wear them) from the helmet and set aside. Detach the chin strap. Carefully push your fingers underneath the foam liner and pull it up and away from the helmet’s interior. Continue pulling slowly but firmly until the padding loosens. Remove the padding and set aside.

Unscrew any screws on the helmet's shell, such as the rear chin strap pins. If your helmet is a two- piece unit, you can separate the two individual pieces and paint them separately. If not, such as if the helmet has a screw-less adjustment system, leave the shell intact.

Rub your hand over the shell to detect any burrs from scratches or nicks. Sand them down until smooth, then spray the outer shell surface with clear coat to fill in the scratches or nicks. Allow to dry. If you plan on painting stripes, use the masking tape to tape lines onto the shell that you will paint over.

Spray an even coat over the shell or shell pieces, holding the nozzle about 7 inches away from the surface spraying in up-and-down or side-to-side even passes to prevent running. Allow to dry before adding another coat. Once dry, spray clear coat over the shell to prevent chipping.

Re-screw the shell together, then apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the shell and attach the liner. Allow to dry. Attach all screws/pins as well as your cage or visor.


Painting your helmet will void the manufacturer’s warranty, as the solvents may weaken the shell.