How to Get My Amateur Boxing License

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Boxing is a sport that requires dedication, hard work and hours of training. Before you can become an amateur boxer, you must apply for an amateur boxing license. A recent physical is also required to qualify for an amateur boxing license. Licensing is done through a gym that is licensed by the USA Boxing Commission. If your boxing club is licensed, it should have applications on hand for you to fill out and send in.

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Contact your physician's office to set up an appointment for a physical. A updated physical is required for an amateur boxing license. Have the doctor fill out a complete physical form showing you have a clean bill of health, so you can provide proof of a performed physical with your application. Your gym may also provide a physical form to take to your physician.

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Fill out the amateur boxing license application. If your gym is licensed by the USA boxing Commission, the forms will be provided by your gym. If it is not licensed, contact the USA boxing Commission, and it will send an application to you. Include information such as a copy of your birth certificate, height, weight and two forms of passport-sized photo identification.

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Send the application along with a signed copy of an updated physical and the application fee of $55 (as of January 2011) to your Local Boxing Committee or LBC.