The Top 10 Composite Little League Bats

There are more than 300 Little League-approved bats for young ballplayers--and that’s just the non-wood bat list. Every bat is constructed differently. In addition, your height, weight, strength and skill level are all factors in finding the bat that’s perfect for you. You can start your search with a list of composite bats that have received the best reviews.

Five DeMarini Bats

DeMarini bats are extremely popular in Little League play. Those include the CF series and F series, Voodoo, Vexxum and Vendetta. DeMarinis appear at the very top of two lists of the best composite bats in the game: Kelly’s Ultimate Sports and ShareRanks.


According to Baseball Equipment Review, Combat bats, most notably the one-piece, all-composite B1, have become “one of the hottest and best performing bats” available. The review also points out the growing popularity of the bat among Little Leaguers across the country.

Louisville Slugger

The Louisville Slugger Triton appeared at Number Three on the ShareRanks list and at Number Six on the Baseball Equipment Review list of top composite bats for Little League.


At least two of the Easton Stealth series bats appeared on the list of top composite bats compiled by Baseball Equipment Review and ShareRanks. There are a total of 13 different Stealth bats approved by Little League Baseball.


The 5150 is a very popular one-piece bat. According to Baseball Bat Reviews, the 5150 combines great bat speed, power and control.


Nike is new to the composite bat scene, according to Baseball Bat Reviews. The Aero CX2 appears at Number Five on the Baseball Equipment Review list of top composite bats. The bats compare favorably to DeMarini bats, which many reviewers consider the top bats on the market.

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