Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows Stephen Colbert what a REAL workout looks like

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg invited “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert for a no-holds-barred gym session on her turf in Washington, D.C.

Everyone knows that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can throw down in the gym. So when the Notorious RBG invited “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert down to Washington, D.C., to join her for a workout (aka the opportunity of a lifetime), he couldn’t say no. Jealous?

“Let’s get fully ripped and exploded, let’s get shredded, let’s get stupid strong,” Colbert says just before he and the 85-year-old hit the gym floor.

The workout itself was no joke: After RBG’s trainer Bryant Johnson walked them through a few stretches and mobility exercises, the pair launched into some treadmill work. Then it was all about back and arm gains, with standing resistance-band rows, lat (short for latissimus dorsi) pull-downs, dumbbell exercises and planks modified with leg lifts. And, of course, the session finished with RBG’s signature move: push-ups.

As for their gear? Justice Ginsburg donned a supremely appropriate “Super Diva” sweater, while Colbert wore a button-down shirt with a tie under a zip-up hoodie paired with shorts. What a rookie, right?

Colbert and the two-time cancer survivor also sat down for an interview, during which the host grilled Ginsburg with the hard questions. For starters, he confirmed that her nickname is, in fact, inspired by rapper Biggie Smalls. Duh.

“People ask, ‘What do you have in common with the Notorious B.I.G.?,’ Justice Ginsburg says. “And I say, ‘We have one thing in common, and that is we were both born and bred in Brooklyn, New York.’”

Justice Ginsburg also put another one of our nation’s divisive issues to rest, ruling once and for all that, yes, hot dogs are sandwiches.

When Colbert asked if she ever listened to music to get pumped up for a workout, she responded: “I listen to mostly opera recordings.” So don’t be surprised if you’re biking to arias during your next Spin class.

Justice Ginsburg’s workout routine went viral last year when she revealed that she regularly busts out 20 unmodified push-ups at a time. Johnson details the rest of her regimen in his book “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong … and You Can Too!

If you can’t get enough of the Notorious RBG, look out May 4 for what promises to be an incredibly inspiring documentary all about her.

Seriously, if an 85-year-old woman can kick butt in the gym (though we’ll admit that she’s something special), anyone can. And now that she and Colbert are total #swolemates, we hope to see more badass workout vids from them — but mostly from RBG (sorry, Colbert).

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