How to Adjust Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid golf clubs allow for very accurate long shots from the rough, often exceeding the performance of traditional long irons. However, the best hybrid club in the world won’t help you if you can’t adjust the club to fit your personal golfing preferences. Hybrid clubs are a newer type of club, patented in 2003 and made widely available shortly after that.

Because these clubs are newer, many golfers purchase adjustable hybrid clubs without knowing how to properly adjust them. Luckily, adjustment is easy with a simple tool and some basic know-how.

  1. Turn the golf club upside down and look for holes on the bottom of the club, near the club head’s connection to the shaft.

  2. These holes mean your club is adjustable. Many hybrid clubs are adjustable since the initial patent for hybrid club design calls for “plugs of varying weight” used to “adjust the swing weight to match the golfer’s specifications.” If your hybrid club has a solid, unified bottom piece, then the club is not self-adjustable and you’ll need to visit a pro shop for custom adjustments.

  1. Slide an Allen wrench into a hole on the bottom of the club. The wrench’s size varies depending on the manufacturer of the club. You can then remove the small weight from the hole by turning the Allen wrench counter-clockwise.

  2. Removing a weight near the shaft will cause your club to pull away when you swing, and removing a weight on the opposite side will cause the club to pull toward you. If your club has a third (center) weight, removal of this weight will simply lighten the club without altering the pulling of the swing.

  1. Insert an Allen wrench into the small hole on the side of the club, near where the club head connects to the shaft.

  2. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise to increase the club’s loft angle and counter-clockwise to decrease the loft angle. In most cases, the loft angle cannot be adjusted more than two or three degrees. If you need a dramatically altered loft angle, adjustment alone won’t do the trick and you need to get a club specifically designed for that loft angle.