How to Use a Lifestyler Cardio Plus Machine

The Lifestyler Cardio Fit Plus machine isn't like any of the cardio equipment you'll find at a gym. It resembles an exercise bike, but you don't pedal; you push or pull the handlebars, while pushing the pedals. Although it seems confusing, once you get the hang of it it's as easy as riding an exercise bike.

Position the Seat

You'll have the most comfortable experience fi you make sure to position the seat according to your body size. If more than one person in your household is using the machine, you may have to reset it every time you use it.

To adjust the seat, find the knob underneath the seat and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. Pull it down and slide the seat to the desired position. Release the knob and turn it clockwise to tighten it. Make sure the adjustment knob locks into one of the holes — otherwise the seat may move during your workout.

Set the Resistance

The Cardio Fit Plus has nine levels of resistance, with level one being easiest and level nine being hardest. You can only set resistance for either the push or pull mode, not both at the same time.

If you set the machine to the push mode, you will feel the resistance when you push the handlebars away from you. If you set the machine to the pull mode, you'll feel resistance when you pull the handlebars toward you.

Locate the resistance collar underneath the seat frame. The collar is marked with numbers one through nine. Turn the collar to line up the arrow with the desired resistance level.

Caution: When adjusting the resistance, make sure to only touch the resistance adjustment collar and not the cylinder, as the cylinder can get very hot during use.

Choose the Mode

During your workout, you're likely going to want to switch between push and pull modes. It's easy to do, but it takes some practice to be able to do it quickly each time.

Set the Cardio Fit Plus to push mode: Hold the handlebars in one hand and lift the frame handle with the other hand. The frame handle is located in front of the seat. Press the handlebars down toward the seat and hook the link arms into the upper set of rollers on the handlebar frame.

Set the Cardio Fit Plus to pull mode: Hold the handlebars in one hand and lift the frame handle with the other hand. Tilt the handlebars up away from the seat and hook the link arms into the lower set of rollers on the handlebar frame.

Start Moving

Before you start your workout, double check that the link arms are securely hooked into the rollers. Then, sit down on the seat. Grab the handlebars with an overhand grip and place your feet on the pedals.

Push the handlebars away from you while pushing the pedals with your legs. Then, switch the mode and pull the handlebars toward you while pushing the pedals with your legs. You will only have resistance on either the push or pull, not both.

For a complete workout, do half your session in pull mode and half the session in push mode.

Track Your Data

The electronic monitor provides five types of feedback during your workout so you can track your progress:

  • Speed: Displays your speed in repetitions per minute.
  • Time: Shows the duration of your workout. If you take a break for longer than 10 seconds, the timer will pause automatically. 
  • Distance: Displays the total number of repetitions per minute you have completed. When it reaches 999, it resets to zero.
  • Calories: Shows the approximate number of calories burned. 
  • Scan: Displays the four modes for five seconds each in a repeating cycle. 

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