How Do I Buy Golf Clubs for Women?

As golf courses become increasingly women-friendly around the world, more and more women continue to pick up the game and excel at the sport.

This has prompted a large industry for women's golf clubs, and while these clubs are similar to men's clubs, there are differences that should be noted. You must know your capabilities or those of the female golfer that you are buying for before you set out to look for the right clubs.

  1. Determine your swing speed and capabilities or those of the woman who will use the clubs. Players can choose from extra stiff shafts, stiff shafts, regular flex shafts, senior shafts or ladies' shafts, depending on their swing speed and the feel they want from their club. Ladies' shafts, in general, will provide the most flex or "bend" in the club. The stiffer shafts are used with faster swing speeds and can often provide longer shots from a naturally fast swing.

  1. Buy a ladies shaft for the high handicapper, older woman or a woman with a slower golf swing. Buy a regular flex shaft for a younger, experienced golfer with a faster swing.

  2. Buy a stiff flex club for very low handicappers and those who are physically fit with quick swings. The wrong degree of flex will make it harder for a player to hit the ball squarely and on target.

    1. Pick out club lengths based on the height. A standard length for a ladies driver is 43 inches for a golfer 5 feet and 9 inches tall.