How to Extend Golf Shafts

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You may find your golf clubs are too short, either because you need more distance from the driver or your clubs do not fit your body dimensions. Instead of removing and replacing the shaft with a longer one, there is a simpler and cheaper method to increase the length of a club. By using a shaft extension, only the old grip needs to be replaced, not the entire shaft. A shaft butt extension fits inside the grip end of the shaft and can lengthen it by up to 2 inches.

Cut off and remove the old grip with the utility knife. Remove the old tape from the shaft, using a knife if necessary.

Fit check the extension inside the end of the shaft. It should fit snugly but not require excessive force to fully insert it. Mark the extension for the added length desired.

Secure the shaft extension in the vise. Cut the extension to the desired length with a hacksaw and clean the residual material and smooth the edge from the cut with a knife or a file.

Mix a small amount of epoxy and apply it to the part of the extension that fits inside the shaft. Press the extension inside the shaft butt and wipe off any excess epoxy. Allow time for the epoxy to set before proceeding.

Secure the club with the vise and the shaft clamp. With the longer shaft the new grip will not reach as far down the shaft as the old one. Use a small amount of grip solvent on a rag to remove all the tape residue from the part of the shaft that will be visible with the new grip installed.

Install the replacement grip by applying double-sided grip tape to the extended shaft, pouring solvent inside the new grip and over the tape on the shaft, and sliding the grip over the end of the shaft. A detailed step-by-step procedure for installing grips is available at the site identified in the resources section below.


For graphite shafts use an extension that is made for graphite. Steel extenders can damage graphite shafts. Extenders for steel shafts are made of steel shaft material or aluminum, which is easier to cut. Most extensions are double ended for use on two shafts so you have to buy only half as many as the number of clubs you need to lengthen. Make sure you purchase extensions of the correct diameter. They come in sizes for steel shafts with outside diameters of .560 to .620 inches. Graphite extensions fit the standard graphite shaft diameter of .600 inches.


Use epoxy and grip solvent only in a well ventilated area and have a rag handy to wipe up any excess. Solvent can irritate skin as well as your eyes and respiratory system.