How Do I Measure Golf Shaft Length?

Before you attempt to install new golf shafts on your clubs, you will need to know how long the shafts are on each club. If you are paying a company or individual to install the new shafts, already having the measurements will help save time and get your clubs returned to you faster.

To properly measure a golf shaft, however, you will need to use a rigid measuring device, such as a 48-inch yard stick or a ruler taped to the end of a traditional 36-inch yard stick. Tape measures do not provide an accurate measurement.

  1. Tape a 12-inch ruler to the end of a yard stick with 1 to 2 inches of overlap. Most golfers will not own a 48-inch ruler unless bought specifically for golf club construction. Ensure the ruler is aligned to start at the 2- or 3-inch measurement with the end of the yard stick.

  1. Set the sole of the club on the ground so the club sits as if you were going to swing it. This will help ensure that you don't inadvertently measure the shaft too long.