Momentus Swing Trainer Instructions

The Momentus Swing Trainer is a weighted golf club that, according to the manufacturer, helps golfers improve their club head speed and the consistency of their ball striking. The heavier weight of the Momentus -- when compared to a regular golf club -- also may help a golfer improve flexibility and strength.

Some golfers use the Momentus for stretching when warming up. Others use it during practice sessions as they work on their takeaway and follow-through. Momentus swing trainers are available as irons or drivers.

  1. Grip the Momentus Swing Trainer the same as you would any iron or wood. An instructional video produced by Momentus and accessible on the company's website advises that you allow your arms to hang naturally from your body with your feet spread roughly the width of your shoulders.

  1. Move the Momentus 18 inches forward. The forward move using your hands, wrists and arms builds momentum for the backswing, according to the instructional video.

  1. Reverse the direction of the club after having moved it forward 18 inches. Continue as you would with a regular golf club as you bring the club back and up to shoulder height, allowing your wrists to cock naturally at the top of the swing.

  1. Shift your weight using your hips and lower body as you start a standard forward swing.

  2. Swing the Momentus to a full follow-through and balanced finished with your weight transferring from your back foot to your forward foot.

  3. Hold your position after follow-through to help ingrain the feeling of a balanced finish. Repeat the drill multiple times during warmups and practice sessions.