How to Paint Steel Golf Club Heads

Steel golf club heads often wear down after a lot of playing.

To spruce up your clubs and make them look as good as new, you can paint the steel golf club heads. In addition to giving your golf clubs a new life, you can use different colors to paint them and take the guesswork out of telling them apart.

  1. Purchase a golf cleaning rotary tool from a golf shop.

  2. Look for one that comes with a brass brush suitable for steel golf club heads. Bristle brushes can not be used on steel.

  1. Set the rotary tool with brass brush attached on the lowest setting.

  2. Clean the dirt out of the grooves on your steel golf club heads using the tool. This will take care of any hard-to-reach debris and buff any scratches on the heads.

  1. Use soap and warm water to clean off the dirt and debris after using the rotary tool.

  2. Rinse your steel golf club heads to make sure no soap residue remains.

  3. Leave them out to air-dry overnight. Keep them inside so no other debris gets on them.

  1. Apply thin, even coats of any oil-based paint with a small paintbrush. Apply four to six coats, allowing 30 minutes between each application. Let the finished job dry for 24 hours.

  1. Seal the paint with a clear sealer or lacquer approved for use with oil (not acrylic) paint.

  2. Apply two thin, even coats allowing 20 minutes between each coat. Let dry for 24 hours.

  1. Polish or buff each steel golf club head with a polishing cloth or polishing cloth attachment if your rotary tool has one. If using a rotary tool, use care not to apply too much pressure and use only the lowest speed setting.