How to Replace the Foam on Ski Goggles

Portrait of a Smiling Woman Falling Down on a Ski Slope

As it is with every sport, ski equipment does not last forever. Commonly needing repair is the foam liner of the ski mask, that allows the mask to fit comfortably around the face, without leaving marks or irritating the skin. Replacing the foam on ski goggles will extend the life of the goggles.

Gather Necessary Supplies

Before removing the old foam from the ski goggles, ensure that the proper replacement supplies are at hand to make the repair. To replace ski goggle foam, make sure to have a piece of wax paper, a pencil, a box cutter, safety pins, epoxy glue and a piece of foam padding that is larger than the goggles. The thickness of the foam depends upon the personal preference of the goggle wearer. Foam can be found at a local craft store. Foam repair kits are also available that contain replacement foam and adhesive.

Remove Old Foam

Remove the old foam and adhesive from the ski goggles. Take care and time doing this, as to not tear the foam into small pieces or leave excess old foam on the goggles. Attempt to remove the foam in one, clean piece.

Trim New Foam

Use the old foam as a template to trace the shape and size onto wax paper. Trace both the inside and outside edges of the foam. Next, cut out the traced figure using the box cutter and place it on top of the new sheet of foam. Fasten the template to the foam using safety pins, and use the box cutter to cut the new foam along the edges of the wax-paper template.

Fasten New Foam

Apply a thin layer of epoxy glue onto one quarter of the mask and fit the new foam accordingly. Repeat this, gluing one quarter of the mask at a time and fitting the foam over it, until the foam has been secured around the entire mask. Apply pressure to the foam for several minutes using fingers to ensure maximum adhesion. Try the goggles on before using to ensure proper fit, function and comfort.