How Do I Use a Belly Putter?

The belly putter has become more popular, particularly among older golfers, due to its ability to reduce wrist action. For the golfer who has trouble keeping his putts straight, belly putters can help him strike putts more solidly on the desired line. Belly putters have a different feel than traditional putters and require golfers to change their setup, but using a belly putter can improve scores for golfers willing to make the switch.

  1. Extend your left hand with the knuckles facing away from your body for a right-handed golfer. Place the club in the fingers with the thumb on top of the belly putter shaft.

  1. Bend at the waist with the belly putter shaft touching your belly button. Position the putter vertically from the putting surface with the left arm at or near a perpendicular angle to the putter shaft, pointed away from your body.

  1. Check your eye position to ensure you are looking directly down at the golf ball. The length of a belly putter is more critical for proper use than that of a traditional putter. It should be tailored to the golfer to ensure that the eyes can be over the ball when it is held properly.

  1. Place the right hand on the putter shaft approximately one foot below the left hand. The right arm will be close to straight and your right hand should hold the belly putter shaft by the finger tips.

    1. Swing the putter smoothly through the golf ball in a pendulum-like motion, keeping the top of the putter resting against your stomach. Wrist action should be minimized or non-existent.

    1. Practice frequently, particularly when changing to a belly putter. Golfers will not immediately lower scores using the new putter until sufficient training time has been devoted.