Top 10 Baseball Wood Bats

Wood baseball bats have come a long way since the late 1800s. The bat's material should be more of a concern than the actual brand. Hickory was a popular material for the Major League Baseball slugger in the early days of the game. Today, baseball bats are made of white ash, maple, hickory, bamboo, and composite materials. Read the rules of your league before purchasing a bat.

The Combat MCAB1 Maple Adult Wood Baseball Bat

The Combat MCAB1 Maple Adult Wood bat is made of strong maple with a composite handle. This bat is light and difficult to break. Maple became popular in the major leagues after Barry Bonds used it in 2001 to break the single-season home run record with 73.

Easton Pro Maple Composite 110 Wood Bat

The Easton Pro Maple Composite 110 Wood Bat is constructed of maple with a composite-covered handle. It has a large sweet spot on the barrel for hard hits but is slightly heavier than the Combat MCAB1.

Mizuno Composite Wood Bat MZC62

The Mizuno Composite Wood Bat MZC62 is a light and strong baseball bat made of composite wood. This bad is virtually indestructible and Mizuno offers a 90-day warranty to back it up. It features multiple types of laminated wood and a sanded handle for a better grip.

Mizuno Maple Wood MZM243

The Mizuno Maple Wood MZM243 features a well-balanced design for maximum swing speed. This is a durable bat that will show little wear and tear.

Louisville Slugger M9 Maple Bat

The Louisville Slugger M9 Maple Bat series is made with dense timber and a hard surface. The bat is durable with a large sweet spot and is used by many professional players. It also features a traditional look and feel.

Mizuno Bamboo Wood Bat MZB110

The Mizuno Bamboo Wood Bat MZB110 is constructed of durable Japanese bamboo. Mizuno offers a 90-day warranty for this strong instrument. The handle is sanded for grip and the barrel end is cupped for maximum speed.

Louisville Slugger Bamboo Wood BC271

The Louisville Slugger Bamboo Wood BC271 is made of durable bamboo but the bat speed is slower than the Mizuno Bamboo. The "Pro-cupped" barrel of the Mizuno offers slightly increased barrel speed, though the bat's length-to-weight ratio is a bit heavier. The slightly thinner handle of the Louisville can also lead to a greater chance of breaking on an inside pitch.

Easton Hardwood Maple 72

The Easton Hardwood Maple 72 Wood Bat is solid and durable with a medium-grip knob for a great feel. The black handle and Kodiak barrel present a nice, old-fashioned baseball appearance.

Mizuno MZA72 Ash Wood Bat

The Mizuno MZA72 Ash Wood Bat is made of Northern white ash. The wood is not as strong as maple, bamboo, and composite, so it can break more easily at the handle. Ash is still a popular and efficient wood if the bat is made with quality. Mizuno’s traditional double-dipped sealant and microwave drying process are said to provide greater durability.

Easton Pro Stix M267 White Ash

The Easton Pro Stix M267 is professional-grade Northern white ash made with a cupped end for bat speed. Do not expect one ash bat to last the entire season. Many players use maple, bamboo, or composite for games and ash bats for practice because ash is cheaper.

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