Reasons Why People Go to the Gym Vs. Working Out at Home

Couple standing on treadmill at gym

Most people know that exercising is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle--helping to burn calories, reducing the risk of obesity and protecting the heart. There are many ways to exercise and many places to do it. You can exercise and be fit without incurring the expense of joining a gym, but exercising at a gym does provide benefits that you cannot get by working out at home.

Workout Buddies

One reason people go to a gym instead of working out at home is to avoid working out alone. Gyms provide access to group exercise classes and a way to work out with other people. The American College of Sports Medicine says exercising with a workout buddy, partner or group is a good way to stay motivated. Even if you choose to run on the treadmill instead of doing a class, meeting a friend at the gym to run next to each other keeps you motivated so you miss fewer workouts.

Greater Variety of Equipment

Most people have only one piece of gym equipment at home, if any. If you choose to work out at home, you may have access to a treadmill and a few free weights. Yet working out in a gym provides you access to treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, a swimming pool, strength training machines and a variety of other types of equipment. The website Health Guidance states that owning one piece of equipment at home can be expensive. Yet for a small monthly fee, you can have access to lmany types of machines so that you can keep your workouts interesting.

Leaving Distractions

Working out out at home has the same problem as working from home: There are constant distractions. If you have children, they may interrupt your workout, wanting to play. You may also be distracted by phone calls at home. When you go to the gym, you can leave everything behind and spend time focusing on yourself. You can even drop your kids off in the gym's kids club.


There are numerous perks to gym membership--one of the reasons people go to gyms instead of working out at home. Most gyms have shower facilities, saunas and hot Jacuzzis. Some gyms provide towels for you to use when you sweat, saving you loads of laundry over time. Gyms also give you access to personal trainers who can help you to reach your fitness goals.