How to Keep From Getting Bedbugs When Someone You Know Has Them


Bed bugs are small blood-sucking insects that infest homes and hotels. They most commonly live in bed mattresses, bedding and box springs, and they crawl out to feed while the victim sleeps. Bed bugs and their eggs can also be transferred onto clothing, furniture, carpeting, suitcases and purses. When a friend or family member's home or hotel room is infested with bed bugs, you must avoid direct contact with their bed, home, clothing, car and other belongings.

Do not allow an infested person, his pets or his belongings in your home. The bed bugs may be carried into your home on the person's clothing, belongings or pet.

Avoid visiting a home or hotel room if a bed bug infestation has been reported at that location. Bed bugs and their eggs aren't just found in bed. They can be transferred to other areas of the home or hotel, and they can live in furniture and carpeting.

Don't touch, wear or borrow clothing, purses, suitcases or other belongings owned by an individual with a bed bug infestation. The eggs and bed bugs can be carried on these items and transferred to others.

Keep your coat and purse at your desk instead of storing them in the office coat closet. Bed bugs may travel from one coat to another.

Label the office chairs in your office and ask employees to use the same chair at all times. Write each employee's name on an adhesive label and stick it onto the chair back. Bed bugs and their eggs can rub off onto the chair, and they may infest the next person who sits there.

Find alternate transportation if you carpool with a person who has a bed bug infestation. The eggs and bed bugs may be transferred onto the car upholstery. Find another ride until the infestation has been resolved.

Remove clothing immediately after entering your home and store the clothing items in a plastic trash bag if you have direct contact with a person or location that's infested with bed bugs. Keep the bag sealed for six weeks. The bed bugs will be unable to feed, and it will break the life cycle.

Shower immediately if you're exposed to bed bugs.


Do not freeze your belongings in an attempt to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Bed bugs are tolerant of very cold temperatures. It requires two weeks of sustained freezing temperatures to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Seek professional help if your home is infested with bed bugs. It will be extremely difficult to eliminate the infestation without assistance.