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Camping Near Morrison, Colorado, Near Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison is a small town located in the Rocky Mountain foothills 15 miles west of Denver. The popular Red Rocks Amphitheatre is located there flanked on either side by 400-foot-high red sandstone formations. Camping in nearby Lakewood -- about a 10-minute drive away -- provides easy access to concerts at the amphitheater, or to enjoy the other attractions and natural beauty of the area.

Where to Camp

Visitors can camp at Bear Creek Lake Park at 15600 W. Morrison Road in Lakewood. There are 47 campsites for tents or RVs, and you can make reservations online at the official website of the city of Lakewood, Colorado, or by calling 303-697-6159. Electrical hook-ups are available at all campsites. There is a water fill and central sanitation station at the campground, along with shower and toilet facilities. You can have a maximum of five people and two cars at your campsite. Glass bottles and all alcoholic beverages other than beer are prohibited in the campground.

Tracking Dinosaurs

Venture down the road from the campground to see dinosaur bones and tracks as well as plant and animal fossils at Dinosaur Ridge. Allow 90 minutes to explore the interactive exhibits at the visitor center and the 20 fossil exhibits located on the ridge trail. From June through August, Dinosaur Ridge is open daily. Admission is free.

Hiking Trail

You will see beautiful Colorado mountain scenery while hiking the 1.4-mile Trading Post Trail in Red Rocks Park. Hiking boots are recommended for this rough terrain trail that winds through rock formations, valleys and a natural meadow. Supervise any children who are hiking with you, as the trail is only 30 inches wide and contains steep grades and drop-offs. The trail closes half an hour before sunset. Admission is free.

Biking Trail

Grab your mountain bike for the dramatic six-mile loop of the Red Rocks Trail starting in Red Rocks Park. The trail goes east to connect with the Dakota Ridge Trail, before circling back through Matthew-Winters Park. Along the way you'll see a combination of pines, prairie and geological wonders. Biking in Red Rocks Park is only allowed on roads, parking areas and designated trails. The trail closes half an hour before sunset.

Exercising at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Try a different and challenging workout by running, walking or jogging the 69 rows of benches and abundance of stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is accessible to the public every day unless a concert is scheduled. Amplified music is not allowed for this workout, so bring your headphones and digital music device. Also prohibited is any exercise equipment that obstructs access to the stairs or benches, as well as anything that will cause damage to the venue. Admission is free.

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