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The Rules of Blast Ball

Blast ball -- also known as blastball -- is a modified form of baseball for children as young as 3. The game is played with a tee, and the competitive aspect is minimized. Blast ball aims to teach young players about sportsmanship and the basic rules of baseball, so outs are not recorded and no score is kept.

Field of Play

Blast ball is played on a baseball field, but only certain areas are used. A blast ball field consists of a tee at home base and one base that is 50 feet from home plate. An arc is drawn to connect the first- and third-base lines at a point 10 feet from home plate to designate the fair ball area. The game is played for 45 minutes or a pre-determined number of innings.

Offensive Play

Teams consist of five to nine players, and every player on the offensive roster bats each inning. Batters take turns hitting off the tee, running to first base and then returning to the dugout. Players are allowed to keep trying to hit a fair ball until they are able to do so.

Defensive Play

All defensive players stand in the field at least 40 feet from home base. Defensive players try to catch the ball or field it and yell "blast" before the runner makes it to first base. Teams switch sides when all batters have had a turn.

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