Bike Games to Play

boys on bicycles

Children can play bicycle games almost anywhere, from the driveway to a school blacktop. Few supplies are necessary. In fact, you can find most items right in your own garage. Strap on your child's helmet and prepare him for an adventurous ride.

Bike Obstacle Course

A blacktop or driveway can make a suitable bicycle obstacle course. Create an obstacle course with whatever you have handy. Draw pathways using sidewalk chalk, turn on a sprinkler to ride through, set up cones to maneuver around, or create an arch out of pool noodles. Encourage kids to dismount their bikes in order to take a shot on the basketball net or crawl through a tunnel made out of cardboard boxes. Stand at the end of the obstacle course with a checkered flag, which you can buy at a party store or make yourself.

Bike Safari

The book "365 Smart After-School Activities" recommends handing children cameras and heading out on a neighborhood bicycle safari. Divide players into teams of two or three. Give each a clue list of items and locations that must be photographed within a given time frame. Upload the photos onto your computer, judge them for accuracy and award prizes. To make it fair, try to give every player an award. Different categories can include: blurriest picture, most artistic or funniest.

Bike Tightrope

Draw a line that is about 3 inches wide and 50 feet long using the side of a stick of sidewalk chalk. Challenge your child to ride the "tightrope" keeping both wheels of his bike on top of the line. Increase the difficulty by placing an empty pot or can about halfway down the line. See if your child can successfully drop a penny into the can without straying off the path. The child who can remain on course until the end is crowned the queen or king of the road. Runners up can be princes and princesses.