Aero Pilates Machine Instructions

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AeroPilates machines are devices produced by Stamina Fitness for use in an aerobic workout. The machines are comprised of a sliding platform attached to a folding frame; a cable-and-pulley assembly and a footbar are attached to opposite ends of the frame. During a workout, the user reclines on the platform and pulls on the cables to move back and forth. Tension cords provide resistance as the platform moves; the more cords used, the greater the resistance.


Remove the locking pin located on the side of the folded Pilates machine. Place the machine on its side and pull the ends about three feet apart from each other.

Screw the rubber feet onto the underside of each end of the frame. Screw the plastic wheels onto the end of the front frame, then unfold the device completely. Remove the tape affixed to the inside of the front and rear covers.

Place the covers over the front and rear ends of the device; press down on the covers until they are properly seated. If your model of Pilates machine features pulley risers, insert the risers into the holes in the rear cover, use the locking knob to secure each riser in place and then hook the pulleys onto the risers.

Insert the ends of the footbar into the holes in the front cover. Use the locking knob to secure the footbar in place. Alternatively, if your model features a cardio rebounder, unfold the rebounder, insert the ends of the component into the holes in the front cover and then use the locking knob to secure the rebounder in place.

Insert the posts at the end of the foam pad assemblies into the holes located on the carriage, above the platform.


Select which of the tension cords you wish to use in your workout. Snap the ends of the selected cords into the slots located near the front of the device.

Unwind the pulley ropes from the hooks located on the side of the device. Select the desired rope length you wish to use in your workout, then choose which of the three hooks will allow you to set the rope to the desired length. Wind the ropes over the selected hooks.

Grip the end of the head support. Push or pull on the support until it reaches a comfortable position.


There are two black tension cords and one red tension cord; the red cord is thicker than the other two and will provide greater resistance.