How to Fold an Old Graco Stroller

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Graco produces a variety of baby products, including a line of strollers designed to fold up when not in use. While newer models of strollers are designed to fold with one-hand, some older models may require a little more effort; mechanisms located at various points on the stroller must be adjusted in a certain order. However, with a little practice, you can learn how the various segments of the stroller lock into place and master the folding process.


Use the ball of your foot to push down on the brake lever, located near the rear wheels of the stroller. Gently push on the stroller to confirm that the brakes are set. Grip the front edge of the stroller's canopy, if present; pull the canopy back towards the rear of the stroller.

Push the tabs securing the ends of the harness straps to the harness buckle. Pull the straps aside and remove the child from the stroller.

Kneel down next to the stroller's front wheels. Locate the locking mechanism set in between both pairs of front wheels. Use the locking mechanism to disable the swivel feature on the front wheels.

Pull the stroller's seat back down to the lowest position; some models may feature locking mechanisms located on the sides of the stroller or built into the handlebar. Lift any latches securing the sides of the stroller in place.

Push the handles of the stroller downward. Push the rear section towards the front of the stroller until the device is fully folded. Clip the storage latch located on the side of the stroller to the side of the handlebar.


Disconnect the storage latch from the handlebar. Pull the handles of the stroller upward and back until the device unfolds. Use any locking latches located on the sides of the stroller to secure the device in the unfolded position. Lift the stroller's seat back upward and lock it in place.

Place the child in the stroller and fit the harness straps around his body and between his legs. Insert the ends of the straps into the harness buckle; push the ends into the buckle until the straps are secure. Push the canopy forward.

Unlock the swivel feature on the front wheels, if desired. Grip the stroller's handlebars and lift up the brake lever with the toe of your shoe.


Some models of strollers feature accessories such as food trays, arm bars and removable child carriers; these accessories strap or snap onto the stroller and may be removed for separate storage.


When folding the device, take care to keep any loose fabric out of the locking latches; otherwise, the latches may be unable to properly secure the stroller in the folded position.