The Best Compact Home Gyms

Nikodash/iStock/Getty Images

Home gyms can save you quite a bit of money on fitness club memberships while also providing you with convenience and the ability to workout according to your own schedule. Space can be an issue for many people when it comes to working out at home. The best compact home gyms allow for a wide range of exercises while limiting the space needed to perform an efficient workout.

All In One

While you will have to sacrifice some features with a compact home gym, there are still plenty on the market that provide a range of exercise options. The best gyms designed for small spaces will be durable and contain adjustable parts to accommodate people of varying heights and fitness levels. A complete body workout should be available, rather than a unit that primarily caters to the upper or lower body. The gym should also grow with you and allow you to progress with exercises and resistance levels as you become stronger.

Make Your Own

Design your own home compact gym that caters to your specific needs. Cross trainers and stationary bikes provide cardio while taking up minimal space. Adjustable dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands provide a full-body strength training workout; the equipment can be easily stored in a closet or on a stand when not in use. And stability balls, yoga mats, jump ropes and workout DVDs all help to mix up your workout and stay motivated.